Average Salaries – Skilled Trades 2015


A career in a skilled trade requires considerable mental and physical prowess and commitment.

For many Canadians, the indisputable sense of accomplishment in mastery of your craft is reason alone to work in a skilled trade. What’s more, Canada’s skilled trade industry promises to be increasingly lucrative between as ‘baby boomers’ begin to retire and the demand for workers rises.

Following an apprenticeship, and a few years as a journeyperson (qualified tradesperson), skilled trade professionals can expect to see considerable jumps in their salary. Since it’s Skilled Trades Week at TalentEgg, we decided to cover some of the average starting salaries for some of the most popular skilled trades across Canada.

Vancouver, BC 20/hr
Calgary, AB 22/hr
Edmonton, AB 21/hr
Saskatoon, SK 19/hr
Regina, SK 19/hr
Winnipeg, MB 18/hr
Toronto, ON 21/hr
Montreal, QC 18/hr
Quebec City, QC 17/hr
Halifax, NS 17/hr
Vancouver, BC 47,408
Calgary, AB 51,020
Edmonton, AB 49,151
Saskatoon, SK 45,324
Regina, SK 44,793
Winnipeg, MB 41,509
Toronto, ON 47,480
Montreal, QC 44,446
Quebec City, QC 43,912
Halifax, NS 41,833
Vancouver, BC 41,899
Calgary, AB 45,752
Edmonton, AB 43,652
Saskatoon, SK 40,995
Regina, SK 41,967
Winnipeg, MB 36,978
Toronto, ON 37,700
Montreal, QC 35,894
Quebec City, QC 35,412
Halifax, NS 35,519
Power Technician
Vancouver, BC 37/hr
Calgary, AB 37/hr
Edmonton, AB 37/hr
Saskatoon, SK 37/hr
Regina, SK 37/hr
Winnipeg, MB 37/hr
Toronto, ON 37/hr
Montreal, QC 37/hr
Quebec City, QC 37/hr
Halifax, NS 37/hr

Aircraft Mechanic
Vancouver, BC 45,048
Calgary, AB 48,871
Edmonton, AB 46,851
Saskatoon, SK 43,133
Regina, SK 43,550
Winnipeg, MB 41,269
Toronto, ON 45,626
Montreal, QC 42,636
Quebec City, QC 42,579
Halifax, NS 41,563
Automotive Mechanic
Vancouver, BC 40,995
Calgary, AB 49,654
Edmonton, AB 46,483
Saskatoon, SK 39,665
Regina, SK 40,017
Winnipeg, MB 34,779
Toronto, ON 39,520
Montreal, QC 36,702
Quebec City, QC 36,628
Halifax, NS 34,810

Tool & Die Maker
Vancouver, BC 44,999
Calgary, AB 48,915
Edmonton, AB 46,974
Saskatoon, SK 42,781
Regina, SK 42,987
Winnipeg, MB 40,309
Toronto, ON 45,603
Montreal, QC 43,143
Quebec City, QC 42,054
Halifax, NS 40,382
Vancouver, BC 38,942
Calgary, AB 42,597
Edmonton, AB 40,318
Saskatoon, SK 35,420
Regina, SK 36,156
Winnipeg, MB 32,774
Toronto, ON 41,196
Montreal, QC 37,335
Quebec City, QC 34,414
Halifax, NS 32,699
Vancouver, BC 52,272
Calgary, AB 60,626
Edmonton, AB 54,972
Saskatoon, SK 54,170
Regina, SK 55,761
Winnipeg, MB 49,863
Toronto, ON 52,116
Montreal, QC 50,589
Quebec City, QC 53,863
Halifax, NS 51,502
Vancouver, BC 46,249
Calgary, AB 60,626
Edmonton, AB 54,972
Saskatoon, SK 45,016
Regina, SK 45,112
Winnipeg, MB 41,744
Toronto, ON 46,409
Montreal, QC 44,391
Quebec City, QC 42,487
Halifax, NS 42,611