5 Skills Found In Successful Skilled Trades Professionals


Anyone who has tremendous career success always has a little extra something.

Whether it’s going the extra mile for every customer, proving themselves to take on more responsibilities, being open to relocate for a more advanced role, it always takes that extra bit to have the career growth you’re looking for.

If you’re considering a career in the skilled trades, you never know where your career could go and the opportunities for success are truly limitless. Your career could lead you to being a manager, supervisor, business owner, HR associate, project coordinator and so much more.

These opportunities won’t just show up on your door step though. Moving forward into these types of senior roles takes a highly skilled individual.

Whether you’re working in the service, manufacturing, transportation, or construction sector of the industry; these skills stay true to each one.

If you’re thinking of hatching a career in the skilled trades and are looking for a prosperous career, check out which 5 skills you should be sure to develop during your professional years:

1. Customer service skills

We’ve all dealt with people who have lousy customer service skills, and if you’re in the skilled trades you don’t want to be one of them!

Skilled trades professionals interact with different types of customers with different needs and wants and need to be able to amp up their customer service as necessary to make them happy. Happy customers only mean good things for you!

2. Problem solving skills

Depending on where you’re working, you may not have a supervisor or manager available to you when a problem presents itself.

This means that having the problem solving skills to find solutions in a difficult situation is key. It’s important to be able to look at a problem and have the skills and knowledge to fix it.

3. Academic skills

Several academic skills are important to one’s success in the skilled trades. Doing an egg-ceptional job and growing your career can’t happen if you don’t know how to properly follow a project plan, how to do the math to bill a customer, read regulations and legislation, or have the capability to learn new techniques. Working in the skilled trades is a lot more than just hands-on work, it takes a lot of brain power as well!

4. Competency skills

As a Skilled Trades professional you’ll be dealing with all types of different products, equipment, and materials.

Having the competency skills to be able to use each one in a safe manner is obviously crucial to your success in your career. For instance, accommodating a food allergy accordingly, using the right amount of chemical mix when highlighting a client’s hair, driving a work vehicle to a call, or using any type of machinery all take a large amount of competency skills.

5. Adaptability skills

One of the greatest things about working in the skilled trades is that every day is different and you won’t be cooped up in an office. However, for many jobs in the industry you will be working outside, in other people’s homes/workspaces, or somewhere totally new on a regular basis. Being able to work efficiently, comfortably, and successfully no matter the environment will be crucial to your happiness and success in your career.

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