Grow Your Own Success In The Banking Industry


Contributing 8% of Canada’s total GDP and employing 2.1 million people, Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry isn’t just growing crops, it’s growing jobs.

To the untrained eye, banking and farming couldn’t seem further apart on the career spectrum. But take a closer look and you’ll see that many major Canadian banks offer agriculture services in addition to their traditional banking operations.

If you’ve ever wanted to work in banking, and also want to get involved with one of Canada’s most valued industries, then why not check out the opportunities available in the agriculture sections of Canadian banks?

These subdivisions of banks are staffed by professionals who know the agricultural industry well and are able to provide advice along with information about economic conditions, trends, policies and issues that could affect farm operations.

It’s also good to know that major Canadian banks are often participating lenders in CALA: the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act program. CALA is designed to help new farmers establish themselves while helping more experienced farmers improve and develop their farms.

Evidently, there is plenty of opportunity for students and recent graduates in the agri-banking field.

How do I know if I’m well-suited to this career path in banking?

Like many positions in banking, trustworthiness and strong communication skills are vital to an agricultural banking position. This sector is also well suited to those who are passionate about agriculture, but not necessarily keen to work in the fields.

Strong analytical skills are also useful in this industry, as agricultural bankers regularly have to make calculated decisions for loans and other financial decisions.

This type of banking is also well suited to those looking for nontraditional hours and work environments. As an agricultural banker, chances are, you’ll be encouraged to visit farms and other agricultural sites to develop and maintain strong relationships with your clients.

Does my resumé need to look any different than a resumé I would use when applying for a general banking job?

You should include your agricultural experience in your resumé and discuss it during job interviews to show that you have knowledge of the industry you’re hoping to join. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry! Just explain in your interview why you’re passionate about working specifically in the agricultural sector.

Where should I look for agriculture-based banking jobs?
TalentEgg’s banking section offers a number of jobs in the banking industry, and is a good place to start. Scroll through these opportunities and look for employers that offer agriculture-based positions.

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