The Mining Industry Needs Young Workers From All Backgrounds


The mining industry needs young workers from all backgrounds to replace its ageing workforce, says Leanne Hall, Vice President of Human Resources at Noront Resources. With a 40% retirement rate and new deposits being discovered regularly, thousands of additional workers will be needed each year by mining employers to meet anticipated Canadian production targets to the year 2016.

Noront is an exploration company working in an area in Northern Ontario known as the Ring of Fire mineral district where there are large nickel, copper, palladium, platinum, chromite and other mineral deposits.

Hall says the career opportunities in mining with Noront include exploration, engineering and social responsibility:

  • Exploration, to increase its nickel, copper, platinum and palladium resource;
  • Engineering and development, to verify that existing resources can be profitably mined, processed, transported and sold; and
  • Corporate social responsibility, to work with local First Nations communities and all levels of government

Within those three categories, mining companies like Noront will need to hire students and recent graduates from all educational backgrounds, including science, business, management, engineering, the trades and others.

Hall says that students and recent grads who are interested in working for Noront should be innovative in their applications; the standard resumé and cover letter application is great, but she encourages potential miners to include portfolios that show your previous work.

And, as always, a personal touch never hurts: if you see Hall or other representatives of companies in the mining industry at campus or industry events, don’t be afraid to come over and introduce yourself.

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