Goldcorp Inc.


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Why choose Goldcorp?

You can grow your career faster. When you’re building a career, the first step is critical. For that first job, you need a working environment that will challenge you, test you, and offer you the opportunity to work with and learn from the best in the industry.

It’s also essential that you choose a company that’s on an upward path—one whose growth will continue to open up new opportunities for advancement as your skills and experience increase.

With ten operating mines and eight development projects through the Americas, Goldcorp offers unmatched opportunities. We have the strength and stability of the world’s second largest gold producer, and the drive of a company on the path to increasing its production by 60% over the next five years.

Where can a career with Goldcorp take you?

From the Canadian Shield to the Patagonian plains of Argentina—and wherever you go—you’ll find a vibrant, supportive, performance-driven culture, and consistent Goldcorp principles of sustainable prosperity, workplace safety, environmental stewardship and respect for local cultures.

Our commitment to Sustainable Prosperity

Sustainable Prosperity is Goldcorp’s commitment to long-term environmental, economic and social progress for our employees, families and communities, wherever we operate. We hire and source locally, provide training and support to help people start and develop careers, and contribute generously to regional infrastructure and services. We strive to be a catalyst for social and economic benefits that outlive our operational activities, building communities and creating a better future for the people living in the area – in addition to delivering value to our shareholders.

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