Top Hat


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About us

At Top Hat, our mission is make learning fun and engaging for all students and professors. We’ve created an education software tool that measurably improves student comprehension and attendance.

Fittingly, the story of Top Hat all began on—wait for it—a university campus. It started as a graduate school project in 2009 when students  (and future co-founders) Mike Silagadze and Mohsen Shahini recognized that mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, tablets, iPods and laptops) were affordable, powerful, and totally under-utilized in the classroom. They saw this as a perfect opportunity to develop a platform for interactive learning using technology students already own.

We're excited to be a part of the new wave of companies looking to revolutionize the classroom experience and bring it into the future. Students deserve a better classroom experience. They deserve one that is collaborative, dynamic and inspires curiosity. Higher education is ready for change, and we're proud to help make that change a reality using tools that students already own.

We're headquartered in Toronto, Canada and also have offices in San Francisco, Chicago & Sydney, Australia. We’re confident Top Hat has the potential to unlock a whole new learning experience for students and professors alike.

We are a startup at heart but growing very quickly, which means that you get a chance to help us define what our culture and legacy will be.