Emco Corporation

Across Canada

Training & Support

Joanna Woo
Mechanical Engineering graduate
University of Waterloo

On the job

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and jump into our hands-on, immersion style learning. From the word 'go' you'll be doing real work with real customers at one of our profit centres. Understand the core values of our business and you'll understand EMCO, while earning the respect of your peers and customers.

On assignment

Throughout your training, you'll be given the opportunity to go on assignment and take responsibility for projects that you can call your own.

Mentor me

Hard work requires strong support and you'll have a dedicated team to support you throughout the program. Your mentors genuinely care about your success and will listen, advise and guide you.

  • The Module Mentor
    You'll be assigned a module mentor at each stage of your training. These mentors monitor your training milestones and are experts in warehouse operations, counter sales, purchasing, outside sales and many more. Your mentor oversees your day-to-day progress and is someone with whom you can share your experiences and receive valuable advice.
  • The Profit Centre Manager
    Your Profit Centre Managers are your location mentors through each phase of the program. They will guide you and provide feedback on your leadership and manager development. Your Profit Centre Manager oversees your progress throughout the program and will develop, coach and train you at every stage.
  • The Regional Vice President (RVP)
    You will report to a Regional Vice President who will provide coaching and valuable insights to your development. Your RVP will oversee your training, provide you with regular, quality time feedback, and provide you with written performance reviews.
  • The President
    EMCO's President makes time to get to know each trainee on a personal level. He interviews each trainee and monitors your progress.
  • The Program Coordinator
    Another coach on your EMCO journey. The Program Coordinator oversees your progress from beginning to end, ensures you meet your training goals and that you're on track to complete the program.