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This is a leadership program like no other. This is where you focus your big picture thinking and learn to become a leader. At every stage of the program we take your leadership skills to that next level, so that you can run your own Profit Centre.

Jesse Hume
Business Administration graduate
Western University

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The best way to learn about our business is to know everything about it. You will work in one of our four business segments: Plumbing, Waterworks, Industrial or HVAC. You'll become familiar with every product, service, procedure, and person, adding an invaluable group of contacts and friendships to your network. Along the way you will relocate at least twice within your region.

Your success is our number one priority. At EMCO, we put in place all the tools to ensure you succeed, and offer incredible support for your newfound abilities and responsibilities.

Phase 1: Warehouse-based operations

Your career starts at ground level, not in the office. This phase covers our operations and you'll be based in the warehouse for approximately 6 months. In that time, you'll become familiar with our products and learn the building blocks of our business.

Phase 2: Exceptional customer service

In this phase, that lasts around 6 months, you will begin to learn the most important process of all: exceptional customer service. You will get involved in customer service, counter sales, order management, inventory and pricing controls, credit management, financial statements, and more.

Phase 3: Inside sales expertise

Over a period of approximately 9 months, you will be become an inside sales expert, getting a handle of every angle of sales and customer service from an office perspective. You will progress from helping customers with various service issues to managing large-scale projects.

Phase 4: Out-of-office business development

For the next 18 months you will get an out-of-the-office perspective of sales and customer service. We will create a sales plan that's specific to you so that you can give full attention to your leadership, management and interpersonal development. You will learn how to find news business opportunities, sell our products, negotiate contracts and build customer and vendor relationships.

Phase 5: Train to be a leader

This final 3-month period focuses on your ability to lead a profit centre. You will spend your time preparing for your final transition from trainee to leader of your Profit Centre.

At the end of the program and provided you've successfully completed all your training, you will be ready for your first Profit Centre assignment.Job well done.

No matter what phase you're in, you'll work closely with your Profit Centre Manager to learn all aspects of leadership and the operations of a Profit Centre.

Shoumen Rashid
Economics graduate
University of Guelph

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