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We have a consistent selection process that we use for all our undergraduate and MBA applications. As well as learning more about you and your skills, we also want to give you the information that you need to determine whether or not Accenture is right for you.

Getting Started

Your first step is probably to review our profile here on TalentEgg and the careers section on our website to get a feel for who we are, the type of work we do, our working environment, our people and who we employ. If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or MBA program at a school where we actively recruit, attend events on campus—from career fairs to student workshops to panel discussions, there are a range of opportunities for you to meet Accenture recruiters and employees on campuses across the country. Check with your Campus Career Center or our Accenture Event Calendar for details.

We encourage you to start getting to know Accenture as early as possible—you can stay connected throughout university by joining Accenture communities on Instagram,Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Application Process

If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or MBA program, please check with your Campus Career Center to find out if we are recruiting on your campus. If so, be sure to apply through their career services AND the job search section of the Accenture careers site by the resume deadline, which varies by campus. Typically, Accenture recruits undergraduates and MBAs for full-time positions during the fall campus recruiting period; internship recruiting happens during the early winter timeframe. If we missed you on campus, you can apply for entry-level careers via the Job Search section of our website.



The interview process varies depending on the role to which you have applied. Entry-level careers candidates can expect to part-take in two-three interviews that may take place on campus or in an Accenture office. During the interviews we will get to know you, understand your qualifications and interests, and evaluate your potential fit with Accenture. You will also have the opportunity to share your experience with Accenture executives, meet analysts and consultants from the local office and learn more about our company. Depending on the role for which you are applying, one or more of your interviews may involve a case interview where you will be asked to provide recommendations on an example client scenario, and showcase your thought process to support your rationale.

Throughout the interview process, your recruiter will provide you with more information to help you prepare for the interview.

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Once all interviews are complete, top candidates will be extended offers – typically soon after your final interview. Your offer will contain full details on your position, salary and benefits package.

Ongoing Contact

Throughout the recruiting process, Accenture recruiters and campus buddies will stay in touch with you, helping answer questions you may have. If you do accept an offer with Accenture, we provide a number of ways for you to stay in contact with our company prior to your start date.