The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell have partnered to create the Employee Recommended Workplace Award to recognize organizations that achieve the highest standards in the health, engagement and productivity of their employees.

How the Award is different
  1. It is evidence based. This is the first ever evidence based award that predicts employee health, engagement and productivity. Similar to customer satisfaction metrics, it is 100% based on data from employees. Winners of this award will have demonstrated excellence in their employees' workplace experience and Total Health - physical, mental, work and life.
  2. It measures sustainable success. The Award goes beyond traditional employer of choice awards. It measures the DNA of the organization's success by evaluating its employees' health, engagement and productivity, and ultimately the long term sustainability of that success. For millennials this is a conversation they want to have.
  3. It promotes two-way accountability. The Award acknowledges the importance of daily micro decisions made by both employees and the employer. The strength of this two-way accountability framework that ultimately defines success of the organization.

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Employee Recommended Workplace Award

The Award provides benefits to both the employer and employee, to foster a shared accountability for improving health, engagement and productivity in the organization.

Benefits to the employee

Once employees have completed the survey, they will receive:

  • A personal report with immediate feedback on their health, and information about the things they can do to improve it.
  • A special offer for, the all-access digital pass to everything on, including proprietary investing tools to help employees reach their financial goals, and other subscriber-only content.
  • A link to download a free Globe and Mail e-book examining micro skills, specific small steps employees can take to improve their life at home and at work and actions employers can take to improve the workplace atmosphere for everyone.
Benefits to the employer

Once your employee surveys have closed, you will receive:

  • An Employer Report providing an aggregate view of the Total Health of your workforce, and scores for each of its four components of health: physical, mental, work and life. The report will identify areas of strength, and areas where more work may be needed to improve the health of your workforce and your scores for the future.
  • Organizations that meet a minimum standard for Total Health are recognized as "Employee Recommended Workplaces". These organizations will receive a badge of distinction recognizing this, and will have the right to use it in recruiting and other communications materials.
  • Organizations with the highest scores in each Award category are recognized as Category Winners. They will receive an Award, will be entitled to use a special "Employee Recommended Workplace Winner" badge, and will be recognized nationally in The Globe and Mail.
  • New this year: Organizations that qualify as a 2019 Employee Recommended Workplace receive special discounts and recognition from our new Recruitment Community Partners: CharityVillage, TalentEgg and Bmeaningful.

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TalentEgg, CharityVillage, and Bmeaningful are proud to partner with The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell to recognize the best workplaces in Canada in the national Employee Recommended Workplace Awards. The Awards celebrate employers that provide engaging, safe, and inclusive environments to their employees, but the most unique aspect of the Awards is that is that the winners are chosen by the employees themselves! In our most recent survey, Gen Y and Gen Z have expressed how important culture is in the workplace and we know that above all else, they appreciate authenticity in employer branding. What could be a more authentic recommendation than an Award that celebrates employers whose employees think are great?!

Thank you for caring about employee wellness, culture and engagement. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise company or nonprofit organization or government, there's an Award category specially designed for you. Don't miss this chance to engage with your employees and celebrate your successes in improving your organization's workplace. Show off your efforts and apply for this innovative Award today!

Nicolas Drapeau of Deluxe Payroll that won Employee Recommended Workplace Award in 2018 says:

"It's been proven that wellness is going to be one of the biggest contributors to your productivity and to your success as a business. There are two things you have to do to be successful as a business: have the right people and make sure that they remain such. That means ensuring that they are healthy and happy (in the workplace and at home). It's about creating a family atmosphere that translates into things moving smoothly and driving great results."

How Does It Work?

Your employees complete a confidential survey evaluating the company based on their own well-being — both physical and mental, as well as their feelings towards the work-life balance in the company. Upon completion, employees receive a Total Health Report. After all the employees you've selected to participate have completed their surveys, your company receives a Employer Report with valuable insights on your Total Health scores. If, based on employees' feedback, you meet a minimum standard for Total Health, you are eligible to be named one of the "Employee Recommended Workplaces". In addition, if your organization scores the highest in one of the 12 categories, it may be recognized as a Category Winner. This comes with a special winner badge and a national recognition in The Globe and Mail.

Lorne MacLean of Maclean Law comments: "It's gratifying to know that we have a healthy and nurturing workplace. It helps attract, retain and nurture passionate employees that become brand ambassadors for us."

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Calling yourself an award-winning employer
  2. Having a support to the claim of a pleasant work environment
  3. Attracting top talent
  4. Getting honest feedback from your employees
  5. Achieving a Winner Badge that can be displayed on your website, social media, and other promotions
  6. Receiving national recognition in The Globe and Mail
  7. Getting special discounts with TalentEgg, CharityVillage, and Bmeaningful

Even if you don't win, you'll receive an Employer Report that indicates your strengths and areas for improvement, an invaluable resource for any employer who cares about improving employee engagement and retention. The report will be based on honest feedback from your employees, and who could be a better judge of a workplace's wellness and culture?

Steve Loftus of Innovative Automation Inc. provides an real-life example: "Our goal was to validate our health and safety and mental health initiatives within the company. This gave us a good opportunity to benchmark ourselves against other companies. We are in a fairly high-stress industry, so we need to ensure that our employees have good strong methods to communicate stress or workplace overloads so that we can deal with these issues. That brought to light that some people were suffering from mental health issues. It allowed us to put in place some corrective actions."

Why Would My Employees Participate?

Going through the survey benefits not only the organization, but each individual employee as well, because they receive:

  • A Total Health report upon completion of the survey, along with the tips on what to improve (and how)
  • A special offer from Globe Unlimited: a special 12-week all-access digital pass to everything on
  • A link to download a special freebie from Globe and Mail: an e-book that focuses on soft skills and provides specific guidelines for employees to improve their lives at home and at work, and for employers to create a positive workplace atmosphere

How Do I Register?

Step 1: Click Register
Step 2: Pay the registration fee (based on the size of your organization)
Step 3: Answer a few questions about your organization and what you are doing to create the best atmosphere in your workplace
Step 4: Upload a spreadsheet file containing all your employees' names and work email addresses
Step 5: Wait to hear from The Globe and Mail
Step 6: Celebrate your win!

What Are The Timelines?

  • 2018 Program launches on March 20, 2018
  • Registration closes on November 22, 2018
  • All employee surveys must be completed by December 21, 2018
  • Organizations that receive the distinction of being an "Employee Recommended Workplace" will be notified by February 1, 2019
  • Winners in each of the 12 categories will be announced in March 2019
  • Employer Recommended Workplaces and Category Winners will be recognized nationally in The Globe and Mail

The 2018 Employee Recommended Workplace Award category winners are:

Private company: MacLean Law (small)
Innovative Automation Inc. (mid-sized)
Klick Inc. (large)
Public company: Deluxe Payroll (small)
Ingredion Canada Corporation (mid-sized)
Pfizer Canada Inc. (large)
Not-for-profit: CANARIE Inc. (small)
Aéroport de Québec inc. (mid-sized)
Government: Municipality of the County of Cumberland (small)
The Town of East Gwillimbury (mid-sized)
NB Power (large)

Where Can I Find Out More?


Culture, wellness and work environment are becoming more and more important aspects valued by job seekers and employees, alike, regardless of age. Evaluating your company's culture is the first step to repairing it if it needs help and, if you qualify, celebrating it, if you win an Employee Recommended Workplace Award!

Apply today! Good luck!